ZINA Workflow Management: Ordering - ZI Partner Massive Importer for Lat

1. In the side menu, display the “Ordering" options.
2. Select the “Massive ZI Partner LAT importer" option as the image shows.

Download the example template in .xls format.

Important: These columns are mandatory.
1. Complete “Project” column with the name of the project to will be modified.
2. Fill “Site name” alphanumeric column with the data of the project to will be modified.

Important: These columns are optional.
Complete “ZIP Code”, “Street”, “Number”, “Complement”, “Neighborhood”, “State”, “Town”, “incoterm” and “Incoterm text” columns with the required information.

Once you have your .xls document with the required fields complete, click on "Browse" button and load the document from your computer.

1. To discard the uploaded file, click on "Remove" red button.
2. To modify or upload a new file click on "Browse" blue button.

To finish click on "Import file" blue button, as the image indicates.

Your file has been imported. To any error, review the .xls file. If you have another bug with the ZI Partner Massive Importer for Lat, please get in touch with our team to support.zina@nokia.com.

To finish, you will receive a message via email, indicating the number of errors of the import process, as the image shows.