ZINA Workflow Management: Retrieve and download ME3L Report from SAP

1. In SAP’s search bar, type me3l and proceed with the lookup.

2. Insert in document number the VOA number related to the report to download as seen in #2 on the image at the right.

3. When done, click in the icon shown on #3 or press F8 on your keyboard.

4. Click on the displayed button to change the layout.

5. Select ME3L –S.M layout.

6. Apply the changes.

7. Click on the export icon.

8. Select Spreadsheet in the dialog as shown.

9. Click on the green check icon to accept.

10. Click on generate at the end to save the generated file.

Please keep in mind: DO NOT open the file to avoid format mismatches and importation issues in ZINA. Just import it as it downloads.