ZINA: Price List Importer - Master Data

In the side menu, display “Master data" options.

Select the “Price list Importer" option as the image indicates.

To import a new price list file:
1. Select the type option. Choose a service type.
2. Click on “Browse” blue button to upload a file from your computer.
Important: Please use this importer to upload price list files in PDF file. If you want to create more than one price list at once, you can import a zip file with all the price lists PDF inside

To discard the already uploaded document, click on "Remove“ red button and to modify or upload a new one click on "Browse" blue button, as the image shows.

Once you have finished loading the file, click on “Upload file“ blue button, as the image indicates.

The file imported is being processed. You will get an email notification when finished.

As the image indicates, you received an email notification with file imported status.