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Zina Posted on: March 21, 2017

ZINA: Cancel Services Non B2B & Task Based CRIA

by ZINATeam

ZINA Workflow Management: CRIA - Cancel Services Non-B2B & Task Based

CR workflow using IPM and CRIA.

• CRIA stands for Change Request Innovative Automation. It’s a tool developed by Business Operations team for Latin America.
• CRIA tool aims to allow automation in the approval chain for Change Requests and centralize the database with information associated with these CRs.
• CRIA acts in the process of Change Requests approval. It is still needed and mandatory the usage of IPM for all other processes associated with CRs.
• This document describes the operational procedures for end users to import CR data from IPM and the benefits of the CRIA tool usage.

In the side menu, display the “CRIA Tool" options.

Select the “Cancel Services Non-B2B & Task Based" " option as the image indicates.

To cancel a “Services Non-B2B & Task Based" download the example template in .xls format, in the blue color option indicated in the following image.

Complete “IPM ID” column with Services Non-B2B & Task Based IDs to will be canceled.

Once you have your .xls document with required fields completed, click on the blue "Browse" button and load the document from your computer.

To discard the already uploaded document, click on the red button "Remove" and to modify or upload a new one click on the blue "Browse" option, as shown in the image.

Once you have finished uploading the file, click on the blue "Import file" button, as the following image indicates.

If your import process was successful, you will see a green alert indicating that your file has been imported successfully, otherwise check your .xls document and perform the import process again.