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Vendor-web-portal Posted on: April 06, 2017


by ZINATeam

VENDOR Web Portal: Review Claims - Nokia User

1. In the main menu, select "Claim" option and display its content.
2. Click on “Mis Claims” option.
3. Click on “ID number” blue link, as image indicates.

1. Once you are on the detail page, you can review the claim data in the “Detalles” option.
2. Verify the process and history claim in "Historial de revisión" option.
3. Click on “Acciones” blue button to display its content.
4. Select “Revisar” option to review a claim.

1. Select "Si" option if the claim is billables or "no" option if does not billable.
2. With these options, you can give back, reject or approve a claim.
3. Download Attachments files for each claim with this option.
4. To finish the claim review, click on “Finalizar revisión” blue button.