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Vendor-web-portal Posted on: April 06, 2017


by ZINATeam

VENDOR Web Portal: Create New Claim – Contractor User

1. In the main menu, select "Claim" option and display its content.
2. Click on “Crear Nuevo claim” option.

1. Complete the basic information and the mandatory fields.
2. Click on “Guardar Claim” green button, as the image shows.

1. Click on “Agregar solucitud de cambio” blue button.
2. Select the claim type.
3. You can send the new claim, click on “Enviar Claim” blue button.
4. Click on “Marcar como claim invalida” red button to discard this claim.

1. Complete the claim type, as the image indicates.
2. Upload attachments files in this claim, click on "Seleccionar un archivo" blue button.
3. To finish, click on “Agregar” green button.

1. Review the claim type details.
2. To finish, click on “Enviar Claim” blue button, as the image shows.