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Transferprice Posted on: March 23, 2017

Transfer Price: Risk Order Closing - ALC User

by ZINATeam

Transfer Price: Risk Order Closing - ALC User

Select the "OR number" to enter the “OR” detail.

As the following image indicates, go to “Edit ALC Info” menu and display its options.

Once the content displayed, select “Edit ALC information” option, as the image shows.

Modify and complete the necessary fields.

To discard and exit click on “Close” red button or keep modified information clicking on “Save changes” green button, as image shows.

1. Click on “options” menu.
2. Click on “Composition” option.

In “Composition” detail:
1. Go to “Transfer price” menu and display its content.
2. Click on “Calculate TP” option.

CWhen the action is performed successfully, the following box is generated, click on "OK" green button to exit.

After verifying and performing the calculation process, click on "Back to OR detail" option to exit the "Composition" mode.

As the image indicates, you are on OR detail, click on "Inbox“ option in the top menu.

Display the options of "Action“ black button, as the image indicates.

Select the option that corresponds to the description of each action that you see in the following image.

To finish write your comments and click on "Save“ blue button to send or click on "Close" red button to exit.

You can check the status of your Order request in the "Status" column, as shown in the following image.