Transfer Price: Not Sale OR Processing - CFO User

Select the "OR number" to enter the detail of the "OR"

As the following image indicates, it is in the detail of the "OR", click on the gray button "options", located in the upper right of the page.

You will find the "Item proposal" and "Composition" options that correspond to the "CFO" user and must be select in the order indicate in the following image.

When selecting "item proposal" check the information regarding items and costs, as shown in the image.

2. In "Composition“ you can compare the result of the "Transfer Price" application for each item in the "OR" Hardware.
3. Click on “Approve OR” option to return to logistics or click on “Reject OR” to send to DDP user.

To finish write your comments and click the blue "Save" button to send and save or the red "Close" button to close.

Once you sent the comments, a modal notification indicates the Order Request process, click on "OK" blue button to exit.