Transfer Price: Hardware OR Processing - DDP User

Locate the "OR" you want to modify and select the "take" action, as the image indicates.

Once clicked on the "take" option, the column "DDP MEMBER" change the responsible user name for the OR and modified the status to "Taken“.

Continue the DDP information process, choose the first “Accept” option to indicate that someone is working with the OR already or second “Release” option to release the OR to another DDP member, as shown in the following image.

After taking the order with your DDP user, select the "OR number" to enter the detail of the "OR".

As the following image indicates, it is in the detail of the "OR", click on the gray button "options", located in the upper right of the page.

You will find the options "DDP information", "Item proposal" and "Composition" which correspond to the user "DDP" and must be selected in the order indicated in the following image.

Select the "DDP information" option as indicated by the image below.

Complete the “Finland Item proposal" and "local CSP configuration" fields, you can leave comments, if you wish, to save the changes by clicking on the green "Save changes" button or the red "Close” button to exit.

After completing the DDP information, select the "DDP information" option as indicated by the following image.

Complete the "Item proposal" fields by copying and pasting from your .xls file verifying that the order of the columns match. To save the changes click on the green button "Create initial composition"

Once you have generated the initial composition, click on the "Composition" option to review items and prices.

In the "Composition" option you can compare the result of the "Transfer Price" application for each item in the "OR" software.

To make and verify the calculation of the costs of each item, click on the option "Transfer Price" located in the top menu, as shown in the image.

Select the number one option "Calculate TP" as indicated by the following image.

When the validation of the TP calculation fails, the following box is generated indicating that it is "OR" has gone to "On Hold" status, click on the orange "OK" button to exit.

After performing the calculation process, click on the "Transfer Price" option located in the top menu, as shown in the image.

Click on the "Request transfer price" option to validate the OR with the CFO user.

Write your comments and click the blue "Save" button to send and save or the red "Close" button to exit.

Once you have clicked on the blue button "Send" the "order request" will be sent to the CFO user to validate quantities and prices, to finish click the blue "OK" button.