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Transferprice Posted on: March 23, 2017

Transfer Price: Hardware OR Creation - ALC User

by ZINATeam

Transfer Price: Hardware OR Creation - ALC User

Locate in the top menu and click on "Create new OR" option, as shown in the image below.

The process to complete the ALC information, first select “Sales” process type option.

Choose the “HW" (hardware) option in the "Equipment type" box, as shown in the following image.

In "Customer team" option select the type of user that will relate to the new "OR".

Complete the default "OR" number, as indicated by the following image.

Then display the "Importation plant HW" field and select the item as appropriate for the new "OR".

As seen in the image, in "Invoicing plan HW" option, choose the item according to the new "OR"

Complete in the "SAP process origin" the place of origin.

In the "License key activator name" field, type your name of the user who will generate the new "OR", as the current image indicates.

Once you have selected a username, enter the email address corresponding to that user in the "License key activator email" field.

Complete the "Site ID" field with the corresponding number, as indicated by the image.

Then complete the "Global CSP Configuration unit ID CSP" field, with the number corresponding to the "OR“.

In the "Source" field, select the Company where this new "OR" comes from, as indicated by this image.

As shown in the image below, complete the "WBS element" field.

The "Notify this person by email" option can add emails to notify the status of the "OR", to the number of users you want.

Once you have completed the ALC information, proceed to configure the sales prices, first select in the "Select TAX configuration" field if the sales price is free of tax or not, as indicated by the image below

In the "Select value configuration" field choose the "Unique value" option to configure a single item or "multi-value" to set two or more items.

If you have selected the option "Unique value" set the sale price of the service, as indicated by the image.

If you want to configure several items and chose the option "Multi-value", complete the "Sales item-proposal" and "Sales Price" fields of the first item, as indicated by the following image.

Click the blue "Add new row" button to add a new item and fill in the fields.

Once you have configured the price information, proceed to display the "Contract manager" form by clicking on the option as shown in the following image.

Complete the fields with the default information. (These fields are not mandatory)

After completing the required information, proceed to leave your comments, filter and configure the users who can view them, selecting the three options shown below.

Select the "Send this OR to DDP team" box to send the new "OR" to review.

To finish, click on the green button "Save Changes", as indicated by the image below.

When the box that you see in the picture appears, your order has been saved, click on the blue "OK" button to finish.