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Zina Posted on: March 30, 2017

ZINA: Massive Importer (Internal Services) SSR

by ZINATeam

ZINA Workflow Management: SSR - Massive Importer (Internal Services)

In the side menu, display the "SSR" options.

Select the "SSR Massive Creation (Internal Services)" option as the image indicates.

For the creation of new “Internal massive SSR via importer" download the sample template in .xls format, in blue option as the following image indicates.

Complete “Work Package ID” column, as the image shows.

To complete “CPO” column, go to Contract management > Customer purchase order in ZINA side menu and choose a CPO number.

To fill “CPO” column go to Contract management > Customer purchase order in ZINA side menu, select a CPO number and choose a CPO item.

Complete “PCI” column with SAP file information.

To fill “Sales Item” column, go to Master data > Vendor Outline Agreement in ZINA side menu, choose a VOA Number and copy the Sales Item code.

Search the Work Package number, into WP detail click on "Site" link option and copy the “ZI code” to complete “ZI” column.

The “TIM Model Site” column must be completed with TIM information and not by other CT data.

The WBS information from SAP and complete the “WBS" column. (It does not apply to TIM CT)

Complete “Work Item” column with data number that corresponding to the Work Package used. (This column is optional)

Fill “SGO” column according to your order request. (This column is optional)

Complete “Responsible” column with the responsible project manager name. (This column is optional)

Once you complete the .xls required fields, click on "Browse“ blue button and upload the document from your computer.

To discard the already uploaded document, click on "Remove“ red button and to modify or upload a new one click "Browse" blue button, as shown in the image.

Once you have finished loading the file, click on "Import file“ blue button, as the following image indicates.

If your import process was successful, you will see a green alert indicating that a notification has been sent to the registered email, otherwise check your .xls document and perform the import process again.

As the following image indicates, you will receive an email notification with "SSR" status currently created.