Factoring & Invoices Web Portal: Approve or Reject Invoices

1. In the main menu, select “Invoices" option and display its content.
2. Click on “Invoice list” option, as the image indicates.

1. In invoices list page you can filter invoice orders, click on “Filters” blue button to display its options.
2. Complete the filter fields.
3. Click on “Clean filters” blue button if you want to delete the data on filter fields.
4. Click on “number ID” link to access an invoice detail page.

Once you are on the detail page, you can review the invoice data and add the vendor information.
1. Click on “Add factoring” blue button.
2. Complete the factoring fields.
3.Add a link. factoring, as the image shows.

1. Click on “Delete” red button to cancel an invoice.
2. With “Reject invoice as financial” option you can give back invoices for data fails.
3. Click on “Accept invoices as financial” green button to approve invoices.