ZINADashboard is an online application designed to transform raw data into information and information into usable knowledge for the business, easing the decision-making process by giving wide perspectives.

ZINADashboard offers clean and dynamic information summarized in charts, tiles and tables which allow getting a wide view of the business units being analyzed.

Obtain real-time information, filter according to the items you are interested in and get dynamic summaries as well. Export and print your filtered items and use them in your slideshow presentations and printed reports.


What will you get?

The tool shows an interactive set of data and charts, displaying supplier expenses for f-ALU and f-Nokia in Latin-America. ZINADashboard will show the information related to the immediately previous period, and will be loaded at the begining of each month.

The loaded data is organized in different categories, making easier the filtering and retrieval of the info that you are looking for. These categories are:

  • Services Procurement Operations
  • Basestation Antennas & Ecosystem
  • Care Services & SI
  • External Workforce Services
  • GSD
  • NI Materials
  • Repair & Spares
  • Subcontracting MS
  • Subcontracting NI Services
  • Subcontracting NPO

Use ZINADashboard by accessing http://zinadashboard.eecloud.dynamic.nsn-net.net/ and log in by using your user credentials. If you don’t have yet your credentials, please request them via e-mail to support.zina@nokia.com


To get additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support.zina@nokia.com.